Expanded PTFE Sheet / Gasket


Expanded PTFE Sheet / Gasket are made of 100% PTFE dispersion resin under unique tension and sintering treatment, making the structure of the PTFE to become micro porous. With its excellent mechanical and chemical properties and resistant to corrosion, creep & cold currents, and no aging, it is suitable for most applications.


Product Name: Expanded PTFE Sheet / Gasket
Material: Polytetrafluoro Ethylene (PTFE)


Working Temperature Range : – 240 °C~ 260°C
Application Medium : Most Chemicals and Solvent
PH Value : 0 – 14
Sheet Thickness : 1mm – 6mm
Sheet Size : Width 1500mm x Length 1500mm
Density : 0.7 g/cm³
Coefficient of Friction : 0.05 – 0.09


  • Expanded PTFE Sheet can be cut to any required shape and size.
  • Can be fabricated as a flange gasket for use in sealing applications.
  • 100% Expanded PTFE, soft & excellent elasticity, and chemical resistance.
  • Non-aging, non-abrasion, non-hardening, and does not hydrolyze.
  • Extremely low coefficient of friction.
  • Higher resistance to creep and cold flow, and low stress to seal requirements.