Expanded PTFE Sealant Joint (Gasket Tape)
& Full Face Flange Gasket


Expanded PTFE Sealant Joint is made of 100% PTFE. With its excellent mechanical and chemical properties, it is suitable for most applications, with minimum maintenance and long service life.

Expanded PTFE Sealant Joint saves time and costs, as wastage is minimized as compared to other customized or cutting gaskets. Using only a few specifications, it can substitute a large amount of cutting gasket and sheet inventory.


Product Name: Expanded PTFE Sealant Joint (Gasket Tape)
Material: PolytetrafluoroEthylene (PTFE)


Working Temperature Range: – 240 °C~ 260°C
Application Medium: Most Chemicals and Solvent
PH Value: 0 – 14
Density: 0.7 g/cm³ ~ 0.8 g/cm³
Coefficient of Friction: 0.05 – 0.09
Common Sizes: W 10mm (3/8”) x T 3mm
W 12mm (1/2”) x T 4mm

Note: Customizations of other width sizes and lengths are available upon request.


  • Chemical resistance
  • Does not hydrolyze
  • Non-aging, non-abrasion, non-hardening
  • Extremely low coefficient of friction
  • Higher resistance to creep and cold flow when sealing of heat exchanger; no need to retighten after installation
  • Self-adhesive strip for easy application
  • Wide range of applications
  • Versatile and inert to most chemicals; perfect for the most challenging chemical applications

Full Face Flange Gasket


Having the same superior mechanical and chemical properties, Expanded PTFE Full Face Flange Gasket is an ideal choice where sealing reliability is of importance.

It is dimensionally stable and is conformable to rough surfaces and can compress into a tough gasket to form a tight and long-lasting seal/joint connection.

Expanded PTFE Full Face Flange Gasket provides superior sealing ability and compressibility, thus eliminating or minimizing the risks of process and media loss and fugitive emissions. It also has high resistance to creep and cold flow and has excellent resistance to chemical attack.